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How Freeconomics has impacted the life of Millennials

Each individual with a mobile phone carries more technology in their hand than took us to the moon. Digital services have remarkably changed and revolutionalized the way we make our daily purchases. Freeconomics (An informal term to describe the giveaway of goods or services in anticipation of rising sales and profits in the long run) Read more about How Freeconomics has impacted the life of Millennials[…]

The Success Story of Netflix

The classic management textbook theories would have predicted that Netflix should have now failed. Indeed in January 2007, JP Morgan Securities downgraded the Netflix stock citing high competition and most wondered how Netflix might create a ‘second act’ beyond DVD Distribution. After all, it started in 1997 as a mail-order DVD-by-Mail business with monthly subscription Read more about The Success Story of Netflix[…]

Inkin Park – The Pastels of Passion

There goes a quote, “Painting is by nature a luminous language”. It has the power to light up one’s day. Well, this engineering student’s genesis with the brushes and colours surely won’t fail to do so. Claiming painting to be her passion, Shruthi Basavaraj surely does have strong ambitions. A self-taught artist, the canvas is Read more about Inkin Park – The Pastels of Passion[…]

Amul – The Success Story

It all started in the mid 1940s when poor farmers who worked hard, day in and day out were exploited by the local traders and given only small incentives. Angered by unfair and manipulative practices , the farmers under the leadership of Tribhuvandas Patel approached Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to resolve their grievances. Empathising with the Read more about Amul – The Success Story[…]

Pulse Candy: Taking India by Storm

As a children, we all are attracted towards chocolates and candies. It used to send a positive vibe down our spines when we had our favourite candy. Never in our wildest imaginations would anyone have thought that the same would ever happen for adults. Enter Pulse candy. The perception towards candies has changed because of Read more about Pulse Candy: Taking India by Storm[…]

Traffic Congestion

The most simple solution to traffic problems – Remove humans altogether!

Traffic is perhaps one of the most annoying things we all encounter on a daily basis. Over time, it only feels like an inevitable problem that seemingly has no end. But there’s something very interestingly simple we can actually do to fix this problem. If everyone reacted at the same time to everything happening on Read more about The most simple solution to traffic problems – Remove humans altogether![…]


The Grocery Sector – A study of Clicks vs Bricks

An Overview: Technology has fundamentally transformed the way industries such as music, books and video operate. In the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry i.e the Grocery Sector, change has been more evolutionary than revolutionary. Digital is redefining what it means to “Go” shopping. Lines between the physical and digital worlds are blurring. Shoppers are growing accustomed Read more about The Grocery Sector – A study of Clicks vs Bricks[…]