Inkin Park – The Pastels of Passion

There goes a quote, “Painting is by nature a luminous language”. It has the power to light up one’s day. Well, this engineering student’s genesis with the brushes and colours surely won’t fail to do so. Claiming painting to be her passion, Shruthi Basavaraj surely does have strong ambitions. A self-taught artist, the canvas is her forte.

Shruthi has an Instagram page of her own, by the name of- ‘Inkin Park’, where some of her works are displayed. She offers customised postcards and greeting cards currently. On the terms of paintings, she is looking for art collectors, as her target audience. She says she paints small paintings currently, and shall start bigger ones soon. She plans to release a series of the paintings in July. Further, on things turning the right direction, she aspires to have a gallery of her own too in the near future.

This versatile artisan believes that a painting must be pleasant and subtle in order to be beautiful and meaningful.  Shruthi uses acrylic and water colours majorly in her works, and seeks to specialise in the same.

So to all of you looking for customised products such as greeting cards, post cards, or also eye-soothing paintings, look no beyond. Oh! She’d even paint and customise your guitars if you need her to.



















Shruthi Basavaraj

Email id:

Instagram Handle: @_inkinpark

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